Smokies Restaurant & Bar Wyandotte Michigan

    Smokies Restaurant was founded in 1998.  We are a casual restaurant that serves steaks, seafood, pasta, smoked baby back ribs, slow roasted prime rib, gourmet pizzas, entree salads and sandwiches. Our goal is to make our entree foods as fresh as possible. Fresh vegetables are prepared daily. We roast our meats and poultry without any of the chemicals so commonly used in the industry today. Choice prime ribs are roasted with, herbs, peppers in their natural juices. Chicken breasts are purchased fresh, cleaned and placed in an olive oil and herb marinade free of any chemical tenderizers. Our tenderizer is a chef with a meat hammer (Get out of his way). Vegetables come in fresh not frozen and are served with only salt and pepper.

    Our patrons have used our menu as a template for variety of dietary goals ie: Zone, Low Carb, Pre Diabetic. When you dine with us we want you to feel you can follow any diet restriction that  your health strategy may require. Ask us to prepare your entree the way your diet requires! We also offer menu items that indulge the appetite. An example of this may be our rich Alfredo sauce in one of your pasta entrees. Filled with lots of cream and butter it may be one of those sauces you wish to indulge yourself with on special occasions when dietary restrictions or not considered. It is a wonderful rich creamy sauce.  Use with caution!

    Additionally, there are three soups made daily with one of them, white chicken chili, served daily. We serve a variety of fish on Fridays including perch and cod along with our house made Clam Chowder. All of our soups are homemade and are made in limited quantities so we will run out of individual soups. But that's a good thing!

    We also have a wonderful staff of dedicated professionals anxious to provide you with an enjoyable dining experience. We hope you enjoy your dining experience with us and look forward to seeing you soon!

    Smokies Restaurant & Tavern

    930 Biddle Ave
    Wyandotte, MI. 48192
    Phone 734-283-3228

    Proprietors : Scott McBeath and Tom Mercurio
    Contact us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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